Our Mission

Great Expectations provides a safe and playful environment for your child.  All children at Great Expectations will receive quality care and programming designed to promote development, achievement, self expression and social skills according to each child’s unique and individual qualities.  Great Expectations dedicated staff will strive to provide a warm, caring and accepting environment for all children.


 Our Philosophy of Center

GEELC, LLC is a for-profit center owned and operated by Angela Schueler.  GEELC provides a safe and playful environment for your child.  We know that the best care for a child comes from home and we strive to duplicate that care at our center.  We understand that each child offers his/her own unique and individual qualities and we are dedicated to recognizing these qualities in order to assist your child in reaching their highest potential.  GEELC provides high quality care for your child.

It’s our goal to provide an environment that is warm, caring, and accepting.  Our classrooms are designed to promote social skills and achievement, help stimulate growth and development, and encourage self-expression.  We provide many interesting and age appropriate activities throughout the day.  This allows your child to have the opportunity to make choices, develop responsibility, and work on problem solving skills.