Frequently Asked Questions

Do I pay for days my child is scheduled to attend, but doesn’t?

Yes, but you may turn in a vacation voucher in lieu of payment for the missed day.


How many vacation vouchers will I receive?

Families on a set schedule will receive 2 times their current schedule to be used throughout the year. 


Do families on a rotating schedule receive vacation vouchers?

Families on a rotating schedule do not receive annual vacation vouchers; however have the opportunity to earn them quarterly by making on time payments.


What determines a half day vs. a full day?

Scheduling up to six hours is considered a half day.  Over six hours is a full day.


Will my child have the opportunity to take part in various activities throughout the day?

Yes, each classroom is furnished with a significant amount of play equipment and each teacher creates their own lesson plans providing additional fun and educational activities.


Is there an extra fee for the center to provide my child’s meals and snacks?

No, the center provides breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack for all children.  If your child is scheduled after 6:00pm, they will also be given dinner. 


Are infant meals also provided?

The center provides parents choice formula as well as infant jar foods and cereal.


Can someone else pick up my child if I am unable to?

If you need someone to pick up your child that is not on the authorized pick up list, please call the center and let management know ahead of time.  The individual will also need to bring a picture ID so that we can verify their identity.


Will my child have the opportunity to play outside?

Yes, all classrooms will go outside weather permitting.  This includes when temperatures including wind chill are above zero for children age 2 and up, and above 20 for children under 2.  Temperature with heat index must be less than 90 for all children.


Will my child have to go outside if they are sick?

It is a state requirement that every child participate in outdoor play.  In general, if your child is too sick to play outside, than they are too sick to attend.